Charting is a key component of our crowd-sourced analytics platform, and ChartIQ gave us the tools and flexibility we needed.

Edouard Soutzo / Co-founder

ChartIQ not only had the best charting technology, but provided us with the developer support we needed for a successful implementation and rollout.

Murilo Voznak, CEO & Founder

We made a strategic decision to integrate ChartIQ within our product thanks to their awesome product, but more importantly the great people behind this company.

Tal Ben-Simon, VP Product

Use of charts has skyrocketed over 250%. All of our key metrics have increased. Sirix is now our best seller and a major benefit is the new charting capability.

Itay Damti, VP Products

ChartIQ is integral to the broad appeal of OptionPlay's solutions. It's inherent flexibility enabled us to quickly and easily meet our design objectives.

Mark Engelhardt, CEO and Founder

Elegant display is what makes Knowsis actionable. ChartIQ's library offered us the flexibility to display our data and social signals the way we wanted to.

Oli Freeling-Wilkinson, CEO

A Robust 比特幣 Charting Library

ChartIQ’s charting library isn't a rudimentary widget; it's a true charting SDK, designed to tackle the most demanding requirements, massive data sets, and custom visualizations. It's been built by developers for developers and it's backed by powerful APIs, rock-solid documentation, and developer-to-developer support.

Developer resources

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